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Part 3: The Battle
"Ladies and Gentlemen, we promise! None of you have ever seen this before! This time, the challenger for the last duel is a kind of alien robot, from the race we all know tried to rule this planet, to steal us and slave the human race!  We caught it trying to run 'till South Pacific rainforests, so none one could virtually find it. But now, we find it, and our best trained soldier is gonna break this machine until it calls for mercy, and them give it the coup-de-grace."
It sounded familiar. I have known about giant robots from outer space trying to invade Earth, but I thought it was a fake. I was confused, at the same time excited to know everything .
"Didn't I tell they were real?" Jim spoke eager
"Okay, Jim, you rock. It's so exited! I heard they were ¨@&# big!" Dylan followed
"Yes, I hope they have brought their leader, a giant blue and red robot which changes into a fire truck!"  Jared was very excited too.
"Cool! But I'm sure the small yellow robot could be interesting too" Kevin joked at them.
But I kept even more puzzled:
"What? They do 'change'? Into vehicles…?"
"That's right." Jared answered me "It's really odd, but since I knew it, I thought it was cool. I ever believed they were 'good guys', you know, but after a bad incident in Sao Francisco, it seems they are all bad 'guys', I guess."
"Don't be so stupid, guys."Mike appeared, surprisingly without Julie "The real 'bad guys' among the robots were expelled from here by the 'good ones'. The robot they got is probably one of the non-dangerous…"
"And you believe in every lie Human Support blab-blab says. C'mon, they were…"
"Don't speak a single world, Jimmy. My father was affiliated to Autobots Human Support in Australia. I disagreed when I heard about a Cybertronian being captured."
Then, they started an useless debate. I was bored to keep listening to those guys. So I looked again at the fields, and I had a big surprise…
"Well, I brought you here. Now you're by your own. So, good luck, mister Prawl."
"Thank you."
"I hope you don't hate me for this. Now I'll be backing home. I don't wanna stay to see what's gonna happen."
That wasn't his fault at all. I perfectly understood he was making his job. But in that case, my job was to survive and set myself free. I believed I was able to win this battle. I have fought against the Decepticons, so human of any kind should not be that difficult. I shouldn't have problems with them, I guessed…
¬I saw down there a strange being. It was a tall, about 10 to 12 feet high comparing to the humans, and very, but very slim humanoid. He was almost completely black in color. He had a metallic armor partially covering its body, with some golden and grey parts I guess. The face-like part was actually very elongate and grey, like a very slanted more or less humanoid. I could see his 'closer' on the big screen, with something like a small "mouth", very small "nose", a black small helmet-like ting on the top of "head" and pointy blue "glasses" like objects. Then I couldn't figure out immediately it was a robot, because it was too different from what I imagined. It didn't look so "robotic", it even looked alive for my knowledge. It was still "attached" by chains, which three guys quickly took them off and ran just after. It moves so fluidly, so natural and realistic that I had doubts about it being a true robot:
"Hey guys, look" I shouted. "Did you guys mean 'this'?"
"Oh, know, it's a *&$% 'small' one!" Kevin shouted
"Small? So could they be bigger?" I was a bit surprised. This one was enough large for me.
"Yes, so much bigger than this! C'mon! They could get a better thing! Oh, (*&#). Look to the 'armor ting', it's like from a motorcycle one!"
Jim was still discussing with Mike:
"Well, this one is black" Jim claimed "So it must be a 'bad guy', right?"
"I'm not sure. He has no insignia, but I guess it has been removed to avoid people indentifying him. This is a pick weird."
"And a 'headache', Mike, as I have never seen one before, I can't say any *%& thing"
"Me neither. My father worked 'there', but he was instructed to keep all in absolute secrete. I just knew because he told me about, but I have never seen one of them before."
"So how can you still defend them? You don't even know them in fact…"
I felt really bad for them two. So I decided to go away and see everything closer. I expected the strange mechanical life being tried to attack or run from the guy with guns, but it was doing virtually nothing. The robot kept immobile in a strange "ready to jump" position, with the 'legs' partially folded, the 'back' slightly curved and the 'arms' partially folded. But it didn't jump, as if it was expecting the guy to make the first move.
One could say I always wait my opponent make the first move. In fact, the real reason for me to continue immobile in this pose was because I didn't know what to do. Hence I could stay waiting like this forever; it all seems the shooter was also waiting my first move. He pointed me his weapon, but I wasn't afraid. And I think he could see my lacking of fear.
"Come here, bot. It won't hurt so much if you help…"
"This is useless and non-sense."I whispered very softly.
I still couldn't understand anything. Is this s "good" or "bad" robot? Even Mike had doubts. At all, I was becoming bored while nothing happened, until the guy suddenly shoots. But faster than my eyes could get, the robot deviated and jumped really high. It was fast but so incredibly awesome at the same time. I could even hear the crowd yelling "Whoa" by the same time.
"Oh, sh&*#!" He cursed.
I could have no time left. He was trying to kill me without remorse, but I wasn't disposed to collaborate by that time. There was must be something I could do.
Then the robot took some very big sharp golden razors, something like a three blades wheel circle and through it immediately in the shooter direction. The robot missed the guy, who looked back to the blades and lost the robot of sigh for a moment.
I had to do something to distract him. I had a few seconds; trough, for me, it was enough.
"It's trying to getaway!" I heard someone exclaiming.
That robot could run really, but really fast. It ran in a great speed to the wall at the opposite side from where I was, and tried to climb. The gunman fired, but the robot moved away once more. It them tried to climb the wall again, but couldn't, 'cause as Dylan said, there was a slippery material covering the wall. But the robot didn't give up.
This wasn't in my plain. So I had to improvise.
Then the robot got another sharp razor blade disco and used like stakes on the wall. Actually those were two of them. And the each razor was so sharp that was enough to stick the wall. It was amazing, because I saw none of the former creatures with the sharpest claws could do something like this, very impressive. I could ever see people upper there running, but they had nothing to worry about, because when he jumped, he shocked against the invisible shield.
Once more, I failed. I must have known it. I must have expected they put this shield to protect the public. After all, I realized that there was no time for mistakes; additionally, I had to make a new plain.
Just like a cat, he (now I could call it "he" because, that time, somehow I felt like he was actually a person) landed on his feet. They man fired again, but this time we could see he shot grazed. It seemed it wasn't enough to make a serious damage, but I saw on the big widescreen there was some electric wires being exposed.
I got hit, but I learned how to ignore the pain and continue moving. I could have no other chance, and it all pointed he wouldn't miss the next shooting.

End of part 3
Next part: [link]
Previous: [link]
What will happen to Prowl and his "family"? Only in next part. I warn: it's strong and tense.
As you can see, I changed the fanfic into the chapter title only, to avoid confusing "March 11th" with real life events, such as the Terrorist Act in Madrid (Spain) in 2004 or the Great Tohoku Eartquake (Japan) in 2011.
It may be not clear how Roxanne and Susan have come in. The explanations was cutted, as well as many other things. The uncut version is featured here: [link]

Remember: TFA charcaters belong to Hasbro and Takara Tomy, meanwhile TPC characters belong to me.
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